Jill Calkins, CCAP, President/CEO -

Fiscal Department
Dawn Kanzler, CCAP, Fiscal Operations  

Terrisa Willett, Fiscal Operations/Human Resource Assistance - 
Janet Hunsberger,
Julia Vazquez, 

Neddie Watts, Community Services Director -
Vanessa Hoffeditz, Community Services/Food Pantry Manager -
Brandi Langner, Housing Program Specialist- 
Jaime Maloney, Grantee Compliance Coordinator/ROMA Implementer  - 

Foster Grandparents
Susie Welch, Program Director -

Head Start/Early Head Start
Rachael DeSpain, Program Director - 
Jenine Patty-Anderson, Education Manager -
Kris Franks, Program Operations Manager -
Jessica Rueff, Family & Community Services Manager -
Elisabeth Henson, Northern Family Specialist -
Melissa Mital, Southern Family Specialist -
Lyris Bryan, Northern Education/Disability Specialist   
Anna Berlinski, Southern Education/Disability Specialist  - 
Carol Cravatta, Northern Health Specialist - 
Andrea Conrad, Southern Health Specialist - 
Sarah Hoffert, Nutrition Specialist -
Anne Metcalf, Transportation Supervisor -
Amanda Schommer, Office Manager -
Keonna Lauts, Assistant Office Manager - 
Tammy Saenz, Program Director -

Wayne Thompson, CCAP, Program Director -
Nichole Reynolds, Program Assistant - 

Neddie Watts -

General Assistance

 Serving the 9 Counties of Bureau, Carroll, LaSalle, Lee, Marshall, Ogle, Putnam, Stark, and Whiteside Illinois


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