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eligibility and enrollment

Home-Based Option
Each child enrolled in Early Head Start Home-Based option will have a Parent/Child Educator come to their homes 90 minutes a week to work with parents to provide children with learning experiences. The Parent/Child Educator will provide parents and children with child health and developmental services, early childhood education and development, health and safety, child nutrition and child mental health.

Families are also expected to attend Socialization Days that are scheduled for twice a month. They offer adult snacks and parent networking.

Center-Based Option
Center-Based option provides quality care to children in a safe and developmentally appropriate education setting. It offers enrichment experiences in an atmosphere of acceptance through reciprocal and responsive interactions between teachers and babies/toddlers.

This is an excellent option for families working or in school full-time.

program options

  • To be enrolled in Early Head Start, a child must be under the age of 3 (children 3-5 may be eligible for the Head Start Program).
  • Pregnant moms may enroll
  • The family must meet income guidelines
  • Children with a diagnosed disability may be considered for enrollment regardless of income

early head start program

The TCOC Early Head Start Program is a comprehensive, family development program for families experiencing low-income and/or have a child with a diagnosed disability. The main goals of the program are to foster social competence and enhance self-concept and self-esteem. Implementation is accomplished through a balance of center and home activities shared by Teachers, Parent/Child Educators, and Parents, recognizing a child's family as the main influence of his or her development.

Check out the Head Start/Early Head Start's new Health Website at

The TCOC Health Website offers specific health requirements for each of our programs: Head Start, Early Head Start, and our Pregnant Women's program, specific health requirements, printable forms, and much more.

*For family units with more than 8 members, add $4,320.00 for each additional member to arrive at yearly amounts.

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